Praise Ye The Lord!!  Let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord!!

My name is Apostle Kelvin Franklin, although I prefer to be called just Kelvin.  I’m a humble servant of the Lord and a servant to God’s people to assist them in growing to perfection (Ephesians 4:11-16).

I presently serve as the pastor and founder of Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center along with my beautiful bride of over 30 years, Prophetess Charlotte Franklin.  Alpha and Omega is located in Newport News and we are apart of God’s Power Ministry, Inc. of Austin, Texas.

This blog is established as an extension of the BiblePlace.com web site.  The Lord led me to establish the BiblePlace.com web site in 1998 to serve as a bible study resource center to provide assistance, tools, and guidance to those endeavoring to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible, God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit recently prompted me to establish this blog as a continuation of my effort to share the insights he has given to me.  This blog will focus on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and WHY in regards to the Bible.  We hope to fill in the missing pieces for those who were told WHAT TO DO but never taught HOW in a way in which they could easily grasp.  Our goal is to be a “HOW TO” source of information for those who have been seeking.  Our promise is that we plan to share in spirit and in truth and teach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth based on the word of God.  Our desire is not to teach you what to believe but to provide you the word and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and mind.

As an example, in one of first post we address the issue of growth.  I’m sure that everyone wants to grow and we are encouraged to grow.  The church doesn’t always tell us how to grow.  We have done many things they have told us but many seems to fall short of the growth they desire.  Based on years of study and research, we believe that the word teaches us that we need to read the word as the primary agent of Growth along with the understanding revealed by the Holy Ghost to those who do read.

Now here’s a little about me:

  • Born and raised in Northern Mississippi
  • Starting reading the bible around the age of 4-5
  • Accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior around the age of 8
  • Starting teaching youth Sunday School classes around the age of 11-12
  • Starting teaching adult Sunday School classes and served as Sunday School Superintendent around the age of 14
  • Called to Ministry in 1982 at Torrejon Air Base Gospel Service (Madrid, Spain) at the age of 20
  • Associate Minister & Gospel Musician, Yokota Air Base Gospel Service (Tokyo, Japan)(1984-1988)
  • Pastor/Founder, Tinker Air Force Base Gospel Service (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)(1989-1993)
  • Associate Minister & Gospel Musician, Rhein-Main Air Base (Frankfurt, Germany)(1993-1995)
  • Pastor/Founder, God’s Power In Christian Fellowship Church (Frankfurt, Germany)(1996-1997)
  • Associate Minister & Gospel Musician, Langley Air Force Base Gospel Service (Hampton, Virginia)(1997-2001)
  • Pastor, Genesis Christian Fellowship Church (Hampton, Virginia)(2001-2004)
  • Pastor/Founder, Alpha & Omega Christian Worship Center (Newport News, Virginia)(2004 – Present)

Other Accomplishments:

  • Ordained as Minister (Bridges Chapel Baptist Church)(1985)
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement as an Auxiliary Chaplain for the Air Force (National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.) (1989)
  • Awarded Department of the Air Force Chaplain Service certificate for Exceptional Service (at Tinker Air Force Base)(1993)
  • Ordained as Apostle (God’s Power Ministry, Inc., Austin, TX)(2012)(age of 50)

Our Web Sites:

Bible Place ( http://www.bibleplace.com )
Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center (http://www.alphaomegaworship.org)
Our Audio Sermons (http://alphaomega.podbean.com)
Alpha Omega FaceBook (http://www.facebook.com/alphaomega)

We pray that you are blessed by the information the Holy Ghost has prompted our hearts to share for the building of the body of Christ and for his Glory!!!


Apostle Kelvin Franklin
Email: kgfranklin1@gmail.com


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